Reserve Your Name Now!

Whether you are a DJ, recording artist, club, or event promoter that wants to share your media, events and social connections with the world, Mixxture is the stage for you. Mixxture is a socially enabled live streaming digital media platform that will change how performers & fans interact. For full details, check out the Mixxture Preview Book

Do to our overwhelming requests, Mixxture is now allowing EVERYONE (performers & fans) to reserve your name on Mixxture. This is for the artist that wants to make sure they get the URL they want for building their brand and for the fan that wants to be able to follow, share, comment and get the full experience of Mixxture. Get your name now.

If for any reason the channel name / url you are requesting is not available and you are the trademark owner of the channel name you were trying to reserve, please click here to email us.   Name squatting will not be allowed.

Reservation system currently offline for server update. Reservations will resume shortly.

Ok, Just one more step.

To complete your channel name & URL reservation, you will need to go check your email and click the link that says "Yes, reserve my URL".

Your Mixxture reservation will not be complete until we are able to confirm your email address.   Don't wait.   Go click that link before someone else reserves name you want.   Reservartions are on a first-come first-serve basis.

Please add to your whiteslist to ensure proper delivery of messages from Mixxture. If you haven't received your confirmation email, start over and make sure you have used the correct email address. If you are positive that you used the correct email address, click here to email the Mixxture reservations team and we will help you secure your spot on Mixxture.